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5ireChain Explorer

To create real-time multichain data, 5ire has created the 5ireChain Block Explorer. The main focus of the 5ireChain Block Explorer is to create accessible 5ireChain data and explore generated blocks on the 5ireChain platform. This functionality can encourage transparency throughout all 5ireChain ecosystems.

5ireChain Explorer utilizes API and blockchain nodes to extract data from the blockchain. It displays the data searched for in an easy-to-read format for users. 5ireChain Explorer also provides detailed analytics about the 5ireChain network. The explorer can reveal transactions and other on-chain activities that have taken place in the network since the genesis block. 5ire Explorer acts as a search engine for 5ireChain, where users can find information about individual blocks, public addresses, and transactions associated with the 5ireChain network. 5ireChain consists of two separate chains - Native and EVM chain; the 5ireChain explorer provides information for both chains. The user can view the transaction and block details in the Explorer, as illustrated below.

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Search Bar: The search bar enables users to look up transactions using either the block number, transaction hash, or address.

Switch Chains: Users have the ability to switch between the Native and EVM chains from the dropdown located in the top-left corner.

Network Performance: The network performance section illustrates the real-time performance of the 5ireChain network. In particular, it depicts the following key statistics:

No. of Nodes: This indicates the total count of nodes that are presently connected to the network.

Average Block Time: It shows the average duration taken for creating a block on the network.

Latest Block: This displays the most recent block number that was added to the network.

Tx. Per Block: This signifies the total number of transactions that are included in each block.

Recent Transactions: Users can view the latest transactions on the peer network in the recent transactions page. It depicts the amount and the address associated with it.

Transaction Details: The following details will be displayed on a transaction details page:

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Transaction Hash: A transaction hash is a unique identifier of a transaction in a blockchain. It acts as a record or proof that the transaction took place. Each transaction is identified by a unique transaction hash, which is created the moment the transaction takes place. . Any transaction can be searched on the Explorer using its transaction hash.

From : Shows the sender’s address.

To (interacted with): Shows the receiver’s address.

Status: Provides the transaction status– successful, pending, or failed.

Block Number: The block in which the transaction has been recorded. Blocks are added to the blockchain in chronological order.

Amount (5ire Transferred): Amount of 5ire Coins that has been transferred.

Created At: Displays the date and time of transaction.

Transaction Fee: Displays the amount of gas fee (in 5ire Coins) paid for the transaction.

Block Details: This section provides the user with detailed information related to a particular block. This includes the number of transactions in that block. The diagram below shows the information available in the Block Details section.

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Block Hash: It is the hash of the block header of the current block. A user can search and view detailed information of a particular block using the block hash.

Block Number: Displays the block number. Blocks are arranged in chronological order in a blockchain.

Validator: Cryptographic address of the validator that validated the block.

Timestamp: Displays the time that the block was added to the chain.

Weight: Total weight of transactions that are included in the block.

Extrinsic Count: Total number of extrinsics included in the block. An extrinsic refers to a transaction or an action that originates from outside the blockchain. In other words, it is not native to the blockchain. For example, in Ethereum, an extrinsic can refer to a transaction that transfers Ether from one address to another, or it can refer to a call to a smart contract function that executes a specific action on the blockchain.

Transactions: Number of transactions that are included in the block.

Transfer: Total amount of 5ire Coins transferred in the block.

Deposit: Total number of 5ire Coins deposited.

5IRE Node: Telemetry provides a list of all the validators with their Node name, wallet address, and location.

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The following details will be displayed on a telemetry page:

Best Block: It displays the total number of blocks produced since the genesis block.

Finalized Block: It displays the number of blocks recorded on the 5ireChain network once they were validated by a validator.

Average Time: It illustrates the average block creation time.

Last Block: It shows when the last block was produced.

TPS: It provides the number of transactions validated per second on the 5ireChain network.

TPB: It provides the number of transactions stored in a given block.

Globe view: Globe view displays all the validator’s geolocation on an Earth globe.

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Live Transaction Stats: It displays the transaction history in a line graph, in a 30-minute time frame.

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5ire Block Explorer Search Field: The search bar helps users to look up the details of any transaction or block.

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To use the search function, enter any public 5ireChain wallet address, transaction hash, or block hash into the search field at the top of the 5ire Explorer homepage. The associated details of the transaction or block will be displayed.

How to switch between Native and EVM chain explorer?

Users can switch between Native and EVM chain explorer through the following steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Select either the Native or EVM Chain from the drop-down menu present at the top-right corner.

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  1. A pop-up will appear that will ask you regarding chain switch confirmation

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  1. Select “Yes” and you will be redirected to the specific chain explorer.