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5ireChain Applications and Toolkits

The 5ire ecosystem provides a wide range of applications and tools for its users. These tools are designed to add value to the 5ire ecosystem and enhance user experience by enabling access to the various functions of 5ire.

5ireChain tools and applications also help to create a vibrant and robust ecosystem, allowing users to fully utilize the benefits of the 5ireChain platform.

Provided below is a list of the available tools and applications.

Tools Source Code

5ireChain ExplorerApp to explore transactions and blocks created on 5ireChain.
FaucetCompanion app for users to deposit 5ire Coins to a wallet on the Testnet.
Validator AppApp for Nominators to manage nominations to 5ireChain Validators.
Nominator AppApp to manage 5ireChain Validators.
5ire Wallet ExtensionWallet to send, receive, and swap 5ire Coins. Or, interact with smart contracts on the 5ireChain network.
5ireChain IDE5ireChain IDE to allow developers to easily deploy Smart Contracts.