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For 5ire, the highlight of 2022 was the launch of 5ire Testnet: Thunder (Alpha). It was launched on 30th November 2022. Since then, 100K+ developers, builders, and enthusiasts from the community have shown interest in building on 5ire.

The 5ire team has been actively working on giving staggered access to these developers to build on our testnet and collect their feedback.

Building on that momentum, here's why you should be a part of 5ire in 2023:

  1. MetaMask Support in the 5ire Explorer App: Wallet plug-ins/apps are standard in the web3 space. The current implementation requires the seed phrase to log in, which is a bad practice, which was good enough in early stages though. MetaMask is the leading standard for EVM chain wallets and the first wallet that 5ireChain needs to have turn-key integration with. By connecting EVM and MetaMask, 5ire hopes to enhance the security and safety of our chain.

  2. Remix Integration with the 5ire Explorer App: To improve adoption and facilitate smart contract development and deployment, Remix is integrated with the 5ire explorer as a turn-key solution.

  3. Dual-Chain Wallet Browser Extension: To give users a consistent experience when switching between our native and EVM chain, the team has developed the 5ire wallet browser extension that allows users to transact on both chains seamlessly and switch between the two when using our dApps.

  4. Testnet Thunder Beta: The public testnet beta provides all the tools necessary for early adopters and builders to easily get started with 5ireChain. Functionalities enabling adoption, that are missing in the alpha version, are available to users of the Thunder Beta testnet. Upon launch, our goal is to have the Thunder Beta testnet include the majority of functionalities that are available on the mainnet.

  5. Polkadot (.Js) Extension Integration with 5ire Explorer, Nominator and Validator Apps: Since 5ireChain is built on substrate, MetaMask, which built for EVM chains, is incompatible with our Nominator and Validator apps, and our Native chain explorer. The most commonly used browser extension to integrate is Polkadot{.js}, which also integrates with the Ledger hardware wallet and Parity Signer ("hardware" wallet for mobile phones). The team will prioritize this integration feature after the release of the Thunder Beta testnet to familiarize users with nominating and staking on 5ireChain, which will be essential for securing and decentralizing the network after the mainnet is launched.

  6. Update of the Consensus Mechanism: The current consensus mechanism isn’t entirely decentralized. The ESG scores are used as a selection criterion, which gives the party governing the ESG the power to form cliques of validators exclusively producing blocks and collecting rewards. To address this, 5ireChain's consensus will be updated to use fast-forward (BABE + GRANDPA) for selection, block production, and validation, while ESG scores will be used for rewards computation.

  7. Testnet Thunder GA: The general availability version, Testnet Thunder will ship with all features and will have addressed final bug fixes before the Mainnet is launched. As 5ire will be close to launching the Mainnet, this will be the one before the last stage.

  8. Mainnet Launch (ETA: Q3 2023): 5ire will officially launch the world's first sustainable layer-1 blockchain for public dealings in Q3 2023. The scope of this launch is to provide all the functionalities necessary for building on 5ireChain plus bridging between other EVM chains.

  9. TGE: 5ireChain's Token Generation Event will occur once the mainnet has successfully launched. As announced earlier, 5ire will launch the 5ire Coin on its Mainnet.