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Mission and Vision

5ire's ultimate mission is to make it easy for businesses, governments, entrepreneurs, and institutions to incentivize sustainability. By aligning economic growth with global sustainability, 5ire wants to empower individuals and organizations to engage in activities that help humanity and the environment.

The 5ire ecosystem aims to bring a shift in the paradigm from a for-profit economy to a for-benefit economy. This is achieved by embedding sustainability and social impact deep inside the 5ireChain runtime logic, and ensuring that activities aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, either on-chain or in the real world, are highly incentivized.

5ireChain aims to become a blockchain ecosystem for the 5th industrial revolution (5IR), where self-governing decentralized companies are incentivized and empowered towards sustainable development. This is mainly due to 5ireChain's business idea that is created upon a for-benefit paradigm.

Here's how:

  1. 5ire provides a novel way for governments to engage with citizens and scale their capacities for effective administration with transparency, efficiency, and speed.
  1. Fortune 500 companies have a disproportionate impact on the future of the world's sustainability. By encoding SGDs and ESG in our blockchain, 5ire makes it easy for businesses to do good.
  1. 5ire is an ideal ecosystem for entrepreneurs who want to combine impact with business as they scale their mission. It makes it easier to identify sustainable companies.
  1. 5ire helps universities leverage the power of sustainability and make their administration and operations digitized, real-time and transparent.

Existential Goal

5ireChain is a sustainability-driven blockchain with reputation-based mechanisms. In the near future, it aims to become an ecosystem focusing on positive impact. Thus, 5ire invites other blockchains and projects on top of 5ireChain to adopt this vision and innovate how they utilize these mechanisms.