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Sustainability Score

One of the multiple factors that help us select the validators is the sustainability score. It is a score based on the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) index of an organization. 5ire will use proposals where nodes will submit their sustainability report based on our questionnaire. 5ire ESG nodes will evaluate the sustainability report and will assign the weight on a Likert scale to each of the environmental social and governance factors. We will be using questionnaires to collect the data from the stakeholders who want to participate in the network. Our questionnaire will evaluate the ESG compliance of the stakeholders and assign appropriate scores. Our multifactor consensus algorithm will use this score along with the reliability score, stake, and randomized voting to select the list of validators for the term of 12 hours. Table 2 lists the factors that we will be using for the evaluation of ESG score.

Energy SourcesFormal Contract/ Minimum WageDiversity
Certification(ISO 4001)Anti-Discrimination PolicyBreaches
Waste ManagementData PrivacyIllegal Practices

Table 2: ESG Factors