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5ire Wallet Extension


The 5ire Wallet extension is a self-custodial virtual wallet and web browser extension for 5ireChain that works on the Native as well as the EVM chain. The 5ire wallet extension allows users to:

  • Create new wallets and import existing wallets.
  • Create memorable passwords for login (instead of using long mnemonics)
  • Manage and swap cryptocurrency.
  • Send cryptocurrency to other wallet addresses.
  • Interact with decentralized applications (dApps) on 5ireChain.
  • Access their private keys.
  • Facilitate transactions for both chains in the 5ireChain ecosystem.

It is currently available as a desktop browser plugin for Google Chrome only. It can be installed like any other browser plugin.

Setting Up The Extension

The below mentioned guide will walk you through the process of installing the 5ire Wallet Extension on Google Chrome.

Step 1:

Head to the 5ire Wallet extension on the Chrome App Store page and click on Add To Chrome. Once you approve, the wallet extension will be installed (Remember to pin the extension for hassle-free usage).

Using the 5ire Wallet Extension

Step 1: Creating a Wallet

Once the extension is installed, click on it to open.

Wallet Step 1

Step 2: Click the Create a new wallet button to start creating your 5ire Wallet using the 5ire Wallet extension. Give your wallet a name and click on Create.

Wallet Step 2

Step 3: The 5ire Wallet browser extension will generate a 12-word Mnemonic phrase, consisting of randomly selected words. You will be required to write this phrase down carefully in the sequence displayed on your screen. When correctly combined in the given sequence, the mnemonic phrase creates a key that allows you to access your wallet.

You will also receive 5ireChain Native and EVM chain addresses that share a common mnemonic phrase and private key for accessing the wallet. This phrase is required for recovering your wallet should you ever lose access to your account.

It is critical to keep your 12-word backup phrase secure and confidential as anyone who has access to it can access the funds in your wallet.

Wallet Step 3

Create a password

You will then be asked to pick a password for the next step. The password needs to be at least eight characters long. It is advisable to choose a password that is unique and not used for any other purpose. Make it as secure as possible by including a combination of symbols, numbers, and both upper and lower case letters.

Wallet Password

Transfer 5ire Coins

Sending crypto through the 5ire Wallet extension is very straightforward. Simply enter the recipient's address, the amount you wish to send, and select a transaction fee. Then, by clicking on the Transfer button, your transaction will be processed.

Wallet Send


To swap your crypto, simply click the Swap button, enter the amount you wish to swap, and select a transaction fee. Click Approve to initiate the swap.

Wallet Swap