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To perform transactions on the EVM chain, the user would require 5ire Coins to pay for the transaction processing fee. Follow the instructions given here to create a 5ire Non-Custodial Wallet.

Now that you have funds in your 5ireChain non-custodial wallet, we will begin setting up the wallet on MetaMask.

Note: 5ire makes it super-easy for you to add the 5ire Network on MetaMask. All you have to do is click the Add 5ire Network button on the Explorer Dashboard. Make sure you have the EVM Chain selected in the drop-down.

Explorer Dashboard

Adding 5ire Network to MetaMask manually

Go to MetaMask, click on Add network and enter the following details:

PropertiesNetwork Details
Network Name5ireChain
New RPC Url
Chain ID997
Currency Symbol5ire
Explorer URL

MetaMask Details

Import the 5ire EVM wallet on MetaMask by entering the private key of the wallet.

Import Account

The wallet will be imported, and the balance will be updated.

MetaMask Wallet