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2023 Apr 12

Wallet Extension 0.1.2


  • Fix. EVM to Native swap status stuck at pending
  • Fix. When swap amount is 0 the transaction fee should not be shown
  • Fix. Prevent crash when swap amount is a whitespace
  • Fix. Display correct EVM address
  • Fix. Unable to send tokens even with sufficient balance
  • Fix. Display network options
  • Fix. Errors on extension install
  • Fix. Unable to transfer tokens to the same network
  • Fix. Prevent blank account name
  • Fix. Long load time
  • Fix. Truncate spaces
  • Fix. Removed unused permissions
  • Fix. Unable to scan QR code
  • Fix. Updated error message when sending with empty recipient address
  • Fix. Transaction hash is displayed after each transaction
  • Fix. UI fixes
  • Fix. Wrong error message is displayed when creating your password
  • Fix. Execute payable function

Feature Improvements

  • Balance refresh improvement
  • Press to enter to login after entering password
  • Show password option in the confirm password screen
  • Show password option in the login screen
  • Copy button for wallet address
  • Updated the error message when sending the same amount to the same address repeatedly
  • Update send again button text to transfer again
  • Remove internal network selection from dropdown
  • Copy all button after creating a wallet